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Absence of Light and Other Stories

New bumper short story package in trade paperback

Absence of Light short story package

Absence of Light, the Charlie Fox novella launched in September, has proved extremely popular in Kindle and Epub format, and gathered a host of enthusiastic 5-star reviews. It has also created a major demand for a printed version.

So here it is as a brand-new trade paperback—Absence of Light and Other Stories, a bumper short story package, comprising:

A feast for all Charlie Fox aficionados at a bargain price. Trade supplies available from the usual distributors.

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Absence of Light

Absence of Light: a Charlie Fox novella

A major earthquake sees Charlie Fox on a transport plane headed for the scene of devastation. Tasked as security advisor to the specialist team at the centre of relief efforts, Charlie knows it wonít be easy. The team members are willing to put themselves in constant danger as a matter of course. But what other risks are they prepared to take?

Told that her predecessor died during their last outing in South America, Charlieís been instructed to quietly investigate if his death was as accidental as the official verdict suggests. If it was an accident, why are they so obviously lying to her?

'Stunning novella with an incredible sense of place . . . it carries a powerhouse punch.'5-star review by CrimeSquad's Graham Smith

Charlie must move with care through a shifting landscape to find the answers before there are more than just earthquake victims buried in the rubble. And when disaster strikes she will learn not only who she can trust, but if she can survive the darkness that comes with a total absence of light.

Available in Kindle and Epub (does not contain short story bundle)

Strong female protagonist—Kelly Jacks—proves a hit as The Blood Whisperer

The Blood Whisperer

The Blood Whisperer—my first standalone crime thriller—has made quite an impact. It has regularly ranked in Amazon's Top 100 crime books and on the Amazon 'Best Sellers in Crime Thrillers' list. Enthusiastic readers and professional reviewers have also rated it highly.

Ace New York reviewer Gloria Feit wrote:

'. . . another strong female lead with an intriguing background . . . increasing suspense and a sense of calamity to come, as the book races to its conclusion—a thoroughly enjoyable novel'

And CrimeSquad/Graham Smith's review said:

'Written throughout with dexterity, a searing pace and an artisanís eye for detail, "The Blood Whisperer" is a first class thriller . . .'

Crimesquad also voted The Blood Whisperer one of their Christmas 2013 Top Ten books
and Best Crime Books voted The Blood Whisperer one of their Top Ten Books for 2013
Available in Kindle, Epub and Paperback

For a sneak preview of The Blood Whisperer, try Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement is a standalone short story first published in the CWA anthology, Original Sins, edited by Martin Edwards. It too features a strong female protagonist—paparazza photographer Angel Cain

Angel is used to bending the rules to get the covert shot sheís after. But when she makes a nasty discovery while sneaking around a country estate trying to capture the ‘Wedding of the Year’ she realises that some rules just cry out to be bust wide open.

Rules of Engagement includes the first 24 chapters of The Blood Whisperer so you can try it before you buy it!

Available in Kindle and Epub

Die Easy (US Edition) now available in paperback

Die Easy US Paperback

Die Easy, the tenth in the Charlie Fox series, is now available as a paperback from my American publishers, Pegasus.

The action is concentrated in post-Katrina New Orleans, a city in turmoil. Charlie's personal life is in turmoil, too. Sean is awake from his coma but is a long way from the man she knew and loved. He has lost a chunk of his recent memories after the gunshot injury that almost killed him. He seems to have reset to his time in the army with all the inherent problems for Charlie that state of mind poses.

Publishers Weekly review said:

'. . . Sharp's white-knuckle 10th Charlie Fox thriller . . . convincingly mixes hand-to-hand combat with the ups-and-downs of Charlie's attempts to rebuild her old life with Sean . . .'

Available in Kindle, Epub and Paperback

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