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FOX HUNTER: Charlie Fox book twelve


Charlie Fox will never forget the men who put a brutal end to her military career, but she vowed a long time ago she would not go looking for them.

Now she doesnít have a choice.

Her boss and former lover, Sean Meyer, is missing in Iraq where one of those men was working as a private security contractor. When the manís butchered body is discovered, Charlie fears that Sean may be pursuing a twisted vendetta on her behalf.

Seanís partner in their exclusive New York close-protection agency needs this dealt with—fast and quiet—before everything theyíve worked for in ruins. He sends Charlie to the Middle East with very specific instructions:

Find Sean Meyer and stop him. By whatever means necessary.

At one time Charlie thought she knew Sean better than she knew herself, but it seems heís turned into a violent stranger. As the trail grows more bloody, Charlie realises that unless she can get to Sean first, the hunter may soon become the hunted.

AN ITALIAN JOB: a novella by John Lawton and ZoŽ Sharp

An Italian Job

In case you missed it, I recently co-wrote a novella with espionage thriller writer, John Lawton, called AN ITALIAN JOB.

'Love is deadlier the second time around.'

Ginger and Jack are both former soldiers from the Balkan wars of the 1990s. Time, chance and bloodshed force them apart.

Twenty years later, chance brings them back together—older, possibly wiser certainly richer. Jack has never married … Ginger has … And the one obstacle in their way is her ex-husband Franco.

This is a crime novella about loyalty, betrayal, love and revenge, with action stretching from the Balkan Wars to modern-day Tuscany, from the glaciers of Iceland to the deceptively calm waters of the Mediterranean.

ABSENCE OF LIGHT: Charlie Fox book eleven


A major earthquake sees Charlie Fox on a transport plane headed for the scene of devastation. Tasked as security advisor to the specialist team at the centre of relief efforts, Charlie knows it wonít be easy. The team members are willing to put themselves in constant danger as a matter of course. But what other risks are they prepared to take?

Told that her predecessor died during their last outing in South America, Charlieís been instructed to quietly investigate whether his death was as accidental as the official verdict suggests. If it was an accident, why are they so obviously lying to her?

Charlie must move with care through a shifting landscape to find the answers before there are more than just earthquake victims buried in the rubble. And when disaster strikes she will learn not only who she can trust, but whether she can survive the darkness that comes with a total absence of light.

THE BLOOD WHISPERER: an exciting new standalone crime thriller from ZoŽ Sharp

introducing another strong female protagonist—Kelly Jacks.

The uncanny abilities of London crime-scene specialist Kelly Jacks to coax evidence from the most unpromising of crime scenes once earned her the nickname of The Blood Whisperer. Then six years ago all that changed. Kelly woke next to the butchered body of a man, the knife in her hand and no memory of what happened. She trusted the evidence would prove her innocent. It didn't. Now, plunged into the nightmare of being branded a killer once again, Kelly is soon fleeing from the police, Russian thugs and a local gangster. Now street-smart and wary, can she use everything she's learned to evade capture and stay alive long enough to clear her name?

DIE EASY: Charlie Fox book ten

including an excerpt from 'Stone Cold,' a public defender Alex Stone novel by Joel Goldman.

In post-Katrina New Orleans, a celebrity fundraising event should have been the ideal opportunity for Charlie to piece together her working relationship with Sean, who has woken from his gunshot-induced coma with his memory in tatters. But the simple security job turns into a nightmare when an ambitious robbery explodes into a deadly hostage situation. Charlie is forced to improvise as never before, and this time she canít rely on Sean to watch her back.

FIFTH VICTIM: Charlie Fox book nine


With the life of her lover hanging in the balance, Charlie throws herself into protecting the wayward daughter of a Long Island businesswoman, after a spate of recent kidnaps. Charlie swears to prevent the girl becoming the fifth victim, even when she seems determined to put them both in harmís way. Then Charlie hears that the man who put Sean in his coma is on the loose. Faced with an impossible choice, never has she been so torn − or so tested.

FOURTH DAY: Charlie Fox book eight

Nominated for Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel

Extracting Thomas Witney from the Fourth Day cult is easy for a professional like Charlie Fox. But five years after he went in determined to prove the cult was responsible for the death of his eco-activist son, heís changed his mind. Charlie goes undercover into their California stronghold, but is she strong enough to resist their lure? The tragic consequences will change Charlieís life forever.

THIRD STRIKE: Charlie Fox book seven

including an excerpt from 'Hell's Fury,' first in a new series by Australian author PD Martin.

Charlie Fox takes on her most difficult bodyguarding job yet Ė protecting her top surgeon father. Stunned to see him committing professional suicide on the New York news, she soon realises he is not acting voluntarily. But getting him to accept help is hard when heís always hated her life with Sean and the instincts she struggles to control. As the conspiracy grows and with the lives of her family at stake, Charlie will need all her ruthless abilities.

ANOTHER ROUND of Charlie Fox
[e-boxed set of First Drop, Road Kill, Second Shot and short story 'Tell Me']

ANOTHER ROUND of Charlie Fox

Charlie Fox is on the move, dodging brutal kidnappers in Florida, trying to keep a group of risk-taking bikers alive in Ireland, and protecting a millionaress's baby daughter in the White Mountains of New England in this special e-boxed set of series novels. Read FIRST DROP, ROAD KILL and SECOND SHOT in one downloadable package, together with a bonus standalone short story, 'Tell Me'—a CSI has to coax both evidence and identity from the young victim of a vicious assault.

SECOND SHOT: Charlie Fox book six

including an excerpt from 'Lost River,' a Ben Cooper and Diane Fry series novel by Stephen Booth.

Her latest assignment guarding new lottery millionairess, Simone, has Charlie Fox fighting for her life after a bloody shoot-out in a snowy New England forest. Is Simoneís troublesome ex-boyfriend to blame? Or does the reason lie with her principalís long-lost father, an ex-SAS soldier with a murky past? Charlieís primary concern is the safety of Simoneís baby daughter, but this time Charlie is in no state to protect anyone, herself least of all

ROAD KILL: Charlie Fox book five

including an excerpt from 'King City,' a standalone crime thriller by Lee Goldberg.

After the traumatic events in Florida, Charlie Fox is back in England both recuperating and trying to work out her future. But when an old friend is seriously injured after a motorbike accident that might not have been accidental, Charlieís lethal instincts kick in to discover what the real story is. She and Sean Meyer must risk everything on a wild ride through Ireland to protect a reluctant principal who seems determined to live fast and die young.

FIRST DROP: Charlie Fox book four

including a taster of 'Run,' a novel by Blake Crouch.
Nominated for Barry Award for Best British Crime Novel

In the Florida heat with Sean Meyer on her first bodyguarding assignment, Charlie Fox is not thrilled to be babysitting the clientís awkward teenage son. Then a vicious attempt is made to snatch the boy from a theme park. Suddenly Charlie is on unfamiliar territory, on the run from deadly kidnappers and the authorities, and fast running out of options as she fights to keep her young principal alive long enough to save the person she cares about most.

A TRIPLE SHOT of Charlie Fox
[e-boxed set of Killer Instinct, Riot Act, Hard Knocks and short story 'Last Right']

A TRIPLE SHOT of Charlie Fox

Charlie Fox faces a vicious sexual predator, gang rivalries on a troubled housing estate, and deadly forces at a bodyguard training school in Germany in this special e-boxed set of the first three novels in the series. Enjoy KILLER INSTINCT, RIOT ACT and HARD KNOCKS in one downloadable package, together with a bonus standalone short story, 'Last Right'—a tale of betrayal and revenge on the Mexican border.

HARD KNOCKS: Charlie Fox book three

including an excerpt from 'Doubleback,' an Ellie Foreman/Georgia Davis novel by Libby Fischer Hellmann.

When old flame Sean Meyer asks her to go undercover into an elite bodyguard training school in Germany, Charlie Fox canít bring herself to refuse. Before long sheís uncovered a potentially lethal mix of secrets, tension, and lies involving an international kidnapping ring and sinister Russian gangsters. Tested to the limit, Charlie faces an almost impossible deadline to save an innocent life. And even if she succeeds, far great dangers awaits her.

RIOT ACT: Charlie Fox book two

including an excerpt from 'Little Elvises,' second Junior Bender novel by Timothy Hallinan.

Charlie Fox agrees to look after a house and dog for a friend on a troubled housing estate in northern England. But before long sheís fallen foul of the local teenage gangs and the vigilante security firm brought in by the frightened residents to curb the escalating violence. When a ghost from Charlieís army past makes an unwelcome reappearance and the body-count rises, she finds herself on a rescue mission in the midst of a full-blown urban riot.

KILLER INSTINCT: Charlie Fox book one (with Foreword by Lee Child)

including an excerpt from 'Becoming Quinn,' a Jonathan Quinn novella by Brett Battles.

Charlie Fox − ex-Special Forces trainee turned self-defence instructor − couldnít have foreseen that breaking up a cat-fight at The New Adelphi Club would bring her to the attention of the nightclubís charismatic owner and lead to a job offer working security. Nor did she realise that one of the woman brawlers would be murdered that night, or that Charlie herself would become the target for a homicidal rapist looking for his biggest challenge yet.

FOX FIVE: a Charlie Fox short story collection


This collection includes five short stories available for purchase individually and listed on this page. They are 'A Bridge Too Far,' 'Served Cold' (a finalist for the CWA Short Story Dagger), 'Off Duty,' and 'Truth And Lies.'