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Autumn 2015

Sorry—and thank you!
First of all, I need to start off this newsletter with an apology. Itís been months since I last sent out a newsletter, and I keep getting emails from fans worried that theyíve seen the last of Charlie Fox. Rest assured, this is not the case. Iíve had a difficult time on the personal front, and had to take some time out while things settled down. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for your patience while Iíve been away.
Now, however, Iím back, full of ideas both for the Charlie Fox series and new standalone crime thriller novels. And of course, thereís plenty of news to catch up on.

Two new Charlie Fox titles on the way . . .
Iíve had lots of emails over the summer asking if there will be another Charlie Fox book, a follow-up to the events in Die Easy: book 10, and the novella which came after it. The answer is yes! Iím working on the next in the series, tentatively titled Fox Hunter and set in the Middle East and Bulgaria as Charlie goes after Sean (whoís apparently gone rogue).
There will also be a prequel novella next year, Trial Under Fire, which will tell the story of how Charlie earned her chance at Special Forces back when she was still in the regular army. Stay tuned!
More of Kelly Jacks? Perhaps, but first . . .
Iíve also been asked numerous times if Iím going to do another book featuring ex-CSI turned crime-scene cleaner Kelly Jacks from The Blood Whisperer. Well, I havenít ruled it out, but first there will be another standalone featuring a character you may already have met from one of my short stories. More about that next time!

Killer Instinct  
Brand new Charlie Fox editions
I'm very pleased to announce that New York publisher, Felony & Mayhem Press is reissuing the early Charlie Fox series novels in paperback, epub and Kindle formats, comprising:
  • first seven titles in the series (Killer Instinct to Third Strike)
  • my Charlie Fox novella, Absence of Light
  • my standalone crime thriller, The Blood Whisperer
The full range of Felony & Mayhem editions will be published next year but a limited number of copies will be available at Bouchercon and at the Book Culture meeting (see below), where I will be happy to sign them for you. Or you can get signed copies direct from Felony & Mayhem Press.

I'm a Guest of Honour at Bouchercon . . .
From October 8thĖ11th I am appearing at the Bouchercon World Mystery Convention, this year being held in Raleigh, North Carolina, where I am privileged to be one of the two International Guests of Honour, along with Allan Guthrie. Check out the links for the full line-up and panel events.

. . . and I've a date with Lee Child in New York City
I will be signing at Book Culture, 450 Columbus Ave, at 82nd St in New York on Monday, October 12th, at 7pm, in the company of none other than Lee Child, whose latest Jack Reacher, Make Me is hot off the press. Lee famously once said, "If I were a woman, Iíd be ZoŽ Sharp, and if Jack Reacher were a woman, heíd be ZoŽís main character, Charlie Fox." (And, oh boy, I'll never let him forget it . . .).
And an NYC Master Class
While Iím in NYC Iíve been invited to deliver a Master Class to the Crime Fiction Academy at The Center For Fiction, 17 E 47th St at 7pm on Tuesday, October 13th. My main talk will be on the importance of openings and finding the right jumping-in point for your story, as well as about my Charlie Fox series and The Blood Whisperer. Afterwards will be a wine reception and signing, followed by a Q&A session for the CFA students.
The Center for Fiction said: "It's not easy to get this British writer to New York but we have, and every crime writer—published or aspiring—should mark his or her calendar."

Bouchercon anthology has my Charlie Fox short story
For those of you pining for a taste of Charlie Fox, there is a brand new short story ĎKill Me Again Slowlyí included in the Bouchercon anthology, Murder Under The Oaks, edited by Art Taylor. Hereís a link to Art explaining more about the anthology for The Big Thrill.
Iíll be taking part in a panel to celebrate the launch of this terrific anthology at Bouchercon, and also a group signing by all the contributing authors attending. Thereís quite a bunch of us—about eighteen of the twenty-one authors, including fellow Guests of Honour Tom Franklin and Margaret Maron. I canít wait to read the other stories.
You can pre-order your copy of Murder Under The Oaks from the publisher, Down And Out Books, to collect at Bouchercon, or pre-order for Kindle.
Murder Under The Oaks anthology  

Kathleen Rose Perkins  
Kathleen Rose Perkins takes out TV/movie option on Charlie Fox series
Iím very excited to share with you that the US actress Kathleen Rose Perkins has just taken out a TV/movie option on the Charlie Fox series. If you've seen Showtime's highly acclaimed 'Episodes' (with Matt LeBlanc), or 'NCIS: Los Angeles' (with Chris O'Donnell, Linda Hunt and LL Cool J) you will already be familiar with Kathleen's TV work.
She played Shawna Kelly in David Fincher's ĎGone Girl', opposite Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike, and has appeared in movies with actors as diverse as Holly Hunter and James Cromwell. Kathleen recently moved behind the camera to take on the role of Executive Producer on indie film 'The Better Half', also starring Jamie Bamber and Chris Parnell.
This isn't the first time that the Charlie Fox series has been optioned—last time by Twentieth Century Fox TV—so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this project moves forward. I will keep you informed of progress!
No word on who might play Sean Meyer if Charlie Fox makes it to the screen. Send your suggestions to me on Facebook or Twitter.

A free story for all subscribers to my newsletter list
I'm delighted to offer all subscribers to my newsletter list an advance copy of my Kill Me Again Slowly short story from the Murder Under The Oaks anthology (see above). To receive your (digital-only) download, please email me at authorzoesharp@gmail.com, remembering to put PDF, KINDLE, or EPUB in your subject heading.

This is what I'm reading—how about you?
I was a keen reader before I was a writer and Iím always on the lookout for good books. Iíve recently read and thoroughly enjoyed Margery Allingham's The Fashion in Shrouds, also The Distance by Helen Giltrow, Roger Hobbsí Ghostman, KD Kinchenís debut novel Evil Brewing, and I am just about to start Seeley Jamesís latest Pia Sabel thriller, Element 42. I shall be reading Lee Child's Make Me on my flight to the States.
What have you been reading over the summer? Let me know on Facebook or Twitter.

Zoe Sharp

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